Lower Bucks Chess Academy monthly scholastic chess tournaments      are  designed to welcome the most novice of tournament players and    to inspire the most accomplished.

   Yardley Location Last Saturday Chess Tournaments:

    Jan  25th, Feb  29th, Mar 28th, Apr 25th, May 30th, Jun  27th

    Jul   25th, Aug  29th, Sep 26th, Oct  26th, Nov 28th, Dec 26th.


   Beginner Section U600 and Intermediate Section U1000 have

   3 Rounds, G25/d5 or G/30 (30 minutes per player per round),                   SS  (Swiss System pairings) starting at 12 PM.

   Advanced Section has 3rounds, G45/d5  or G/45.

   All Sections will start at 12 PM. Please try to check-in no later than         11:45 AM. In the case of a small section, it is possible that players           may be paired with the same opponent more than once. The                   Beginner and Intermediate sections may be merged, depending on       the number of students enrolled.

   BYES: A half-point bye is available if requested in advance. Request       the bye by email to lowerbuckschess@gmail.com.  

    EF : $30 includes 2h Master Class Workshop

    Awards. All participants will receive a prize,  a chess medal, a trophy,      and a certificate.


    Beginner  Section        U600      3R       Time control: G30/D5 or G/30                   

     Intermediate Section  U1000    3R       Time control: G30/D5 or G/30

     Advanced   Section      Open     3R       Time control: G45/D5 or G/45