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Rated Tournaments


Please send us the player name USCF ID No, Rating, Expiration date and the Section of the Tournament .

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 What:  USCF Chess Tournaments                          2ND Saturday Chess Fest


 When: 2nd Saturday of each month                    Tournaments Dates:


 Where: Lutheran Church Of Resurrection          May 11th, June 8th

                1700 Makefield Road



Over 1000 USCF Quad

Time: 9.15 AM


G/45+ 5sec delay

EF: $40

On site :$50

1st place $80




Under U800 USCF Scholastic Tournament

Time: 10 AM

3 Rounds

G/30 + 5 sec delay

EF: $40

On site :$50

Trophies, medals to top 3

Novice Beginner Tournament K-6th Grade

Time: 2PM

3 Rounds

G/10 + 5 sec delay

EF: $20/student

Trophies and medals to top 3

Tournament Results

Tournament Pictures

Our Scholastic Tournaments have 3 Rounds G/30 with 5 sec delay. The Scholastic Swiss sections depends on the number of the players they register for the tournament. Usually we have 2 scholastic sections : U 800 and U 600. The top three finishers will receive trophies, medals, and certificates. Adults may join in our Advanced sections , but they will not compete for trophies.

We always depends on the number of players pre registered so sometimes if we have only 4 players registered we will have a Quad Tournament. Sometimes we will have more then 4 players registered and we will have a Swiss Tournament. Always check with our Tournament Director before you register in our tournaments.

Every participant is required to be a USCF member. Potential participants who are not yet members are required to become one. Join here.

Our tournament director is National Master Bela Kis.

View our tournaments schedule.

Watch a sample video from our Quad & U 800 tournament. 

Watch a sample video from our Beginner Section.

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Scholastic U 800 & 600.jpg

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