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Please send us the player name USCF ID No, Rating, Expiration date and the Section of the Tournament .

2ND Saturday Chess Fest


Tournaments Dates:

Sep 9th, Oct 14th, Nov 11th, Dec 9th, Jan 13th,

Feb 10th, Mar 9th, Apr 13th, May 11th, June 8th

What: USCF Chess Tournaments

When: 2nd Saturday of each month

Where: Lutheran Church Of Resurrection

              1700 Makefield Road
               Yardley, PA 19067

Over 1000 USCF Quad

Time: 9.15 AM

G/45+ 5sec delay

EF: $40

On site :$50

1st place $80

Under U800 USCF Scholastic Tournament

Time: 10 AM

3 Rounds

G/30 + 5 sec delay

EF: $40

On site :$50

Trophies, medals and certificates top 3

Bughouse Tournament

Time: 1 PM

3 Rounds

G/10 + 5 sec delay

EF: $15/student

Trophies, medals and certificates top 3

Must Register by Friday 8 PM. Late registrations will incur a $10 late fee.

Novice Beginner Tournament K-6th Grade

Time: 2PM

3 Rounds

G/10 + 5 sec delay

EF: $20/student

Trophies, medals and certificates top 3

2nd Saturday Chess Fest :


Tournament Results

Tournament Pictures

Advanced Quad Section has 3 rounds.

Our Scholastic Tournaments have 3 Rounds G/30 with 5 sec delay. The Scholastic Swiss sections depends on the number of the players they register for the tournament. Usually we have scholastic sections : U300, U600, U1000 or U1400. The top three finishers will receive trophies, medals, and certificates. Adults may join in our Advanced sections for ex U1400 section, but they will not compete for trophies.

EF:$40. Be aware that if there is bad weather the tournament will be cancelled.

We always depends on the number of players pre registered so sometimes if we have only 4 players registered we will have a Quad Tournament. Sometimes we will have more then 4 players registered and we will have a Swiss Tournament. Always check with our Tournament Director before you register in our tournaments.

Forsythia Crossing Park address: Forsythia Crossing, Levittown, PA 19056.

You must be a member of The United States Chess Federation in order to participate.

Our tournament director is National Master Bela Kis.

View our tournaments schedule.

Every participant is required to be a USCF member. Potential participants who are not yet members are required to become one. Join here.

Watch a sample video from our first 2021 tournament. Click here to see the results.

Watch a sample video from our Advanced Section Forsythia Park Tournament.

Watch a sample video from our Beginner Section Forsythia Park Tournament.


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