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Online Classes


Online Classes are temporarily suspended.

New 8 week session starts Tuesday, Nov 8th and runs for 8 weeks until Jan 3rd. Time 7-8PM.

Enjoy a free lesson here. 

The interactive online class is a mix between beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Topics discussed include: tactics, endgames, openings, and strategy.

The class has two parts: part one is a 15-minute class, and the second part is an arena tournament where the students will practice what they have learned against their fellow students. The tournament includes live analysis and commentary from National Master Bela Kis. The sessions run for eight consecutive weeks. The class meets on Tuesdays via Zoom on or and is taught by National Master Bela Kis from 6PM to 7PM. Each student is required to know the rules of the game. If a potential student doesn't know how to play please go to


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