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                    Academy  Classes 

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We offer a full range of sessions for boys, girls and adults. The students are grouped together according to their age and ability.

All chess classes are taught by National Master Bela Kis.



         In-Person Classes

LBCA offers in-person classes for both youth and adults.  Beginner and Advanced Classes for youth and adults are held at Yardley Community Center. Participants go over master games, learn basic tactics, strategies, and plans, learn how to assess positions, and learn endgame principles and strategies.

At LBCA, we welcome players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The class is divided into two groups, one youth-only beginners group, and an open advanced group for all ages. The only requirement for joining the advanced group is to be a member of the United States Chess Federation.

Lower Bucks Chess League results can be viewed here.



At Lower Bucks Chess Academy, we are dedicated to providing a safe and educational environment for children to learn and enjoy the game of chess.

Playing chess regularly is known to improve memory, concentration, reading skills, problem solving skills and creativity skills.

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